Chuan Chyi Machine Co., Ltd. was founded in 1970 by the president Mr. Paul L.C. Chang who has vast experience in shoe-making equipment and the modern science concept . Under the outstanding leadership of Mr. Chang, Chuan Chyi always tries to continuously and actively develops the shoe-making technology . Not only providing the top quality producing equipment but also raising the level of the Taiwan shoe-making industry , this is based on more than forty years of achievement and reputation . The president Mr. Chang was awarded "THE MODEL OF YOUTH FOUNDER ON BUSINESS AWARD" which was presented by President LEE in 1987 ; it's a great honor to Chuan Chyi .

Our company was listed one of Taiwan's leading exporting manufacturers with a large majority of our products being pastented . Chuan Chyi has even awarded as Taiwan's leading machine factory by the Ministry of Economic Affairs . We were awarded for design creativity with the "new product award" & "golden dragon award" ( an award for the domestic remarkable product ). In addition , Chuan Chyi was also given the greatest honor award of "BENEFIT FOR SHOE-MAKING INDUSTRY" & "REMARKABLE PRODUCT" from Taiwan Footwear Manufacturers Association , which positively confirmed the achievement of Chuan Chyi's hard work for the past fuor decades .

Chuan Chyi is built on the principle of offering the "5 G and 1 R" service to its customers . That is Good-credit , Good-quality , Good-service , Good-management and Good-R & D as well as supplying with a Reasonable price . In devoted spirits , all members of Chuan Chyi actively carry out management computerizing , quality controlling and service improving . Our Machines obtained certification of CE in 1999 and ISO 9001 in March of 2002 .

The equipments of Chuan Chyi has already occupied a large percentage of the Taiwan domestic market , we have also designed and supplied them and exported whole plant lay-outs since 1987 . In these years , our business has been expanded to the U.S.A. , Mexico , Japan , Africa , Mainland China and South East Asia . Chuan Chyi is famous for top quality , good after sales services and professional know how , so when you choose Chuan Chyi , and it' s the first step to a successful business .

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